Earlybird Digital East Q&A

Posted on 31. Januar 2014 by Roland Manger

Last week´s press release on the first close and launch of the Earlybird Digital East Fund has led to some coverage in the media, further interviews by journalists and quite a number of questions asked and comments posted by entrepreneurs, investors or just friends from our various social networks. Many thanks for all of your […]

Going East – The making of the Earlybird Digital East Fund

Posted on 21. Januar 2014 by Roland Manger

VC firms aren´t really interesting, the companies they invest in are. That´s why only few people noticed how profoundly Earlybird has changed. When you looked at the partner profiles on our website five years ago, you saw a bunch of Germans with a heavy Germanic focus. Yes, we helped our companies to grow and expand […]

Backing Wunderlist again & welcoming Sequoia to the team

Posted on 12. November 2013 by Earlybird VC Blog

Today 6Wunderkinder, makers of Wunderlist, announced a new $19m financing round from Sequoia and their existing investors Atomico and Earlybird us to help them take the next steps. The key learning from this may be that if you are building something incredibly simple, if you do just one thing really well, have a lot fewer features than your competitors, understand that design and emotions matter […]

Enterprise ready predictive analytics: investing in RapidMinder

Posted on 4. November 2013 by Earlybird VC Blog

We are delighted to announce our investment in RapidMiner today. With the Business Intelligence market set to exceed $81 billion by 2014 (and of this 25% from analytics platforms), we believe that technology which makes it easier for organisations to extract value from their data – and none more so than predictive analytics – will make impressive […]

Welcoming USV to THE Football App Team

Posted on 24. Oktober 2013 by Earlybird VC Blog

We are big believers in highly vertical mobile applications and networks around them. And there couldn’t be a more passionate group of people than the several hundred million football fans around the world. So the folks over the THE Football App are building a highly vertical and mobile home for this community. To date the application has been around aggregating […]