Heilemann Ventures and Earlybird VC Join Forces

Posted on 26. April 2016 by Earlybird VC Blog

This is a very special day for Earlybird as we proudly announce the merge of Heilemann Ventures and Earlybird.

We wish a very warm welcome to our grown digital tech team

  • Fabian and Ferry Heilemann as Partners,
  • Alexander Ruppert as Associate,
  • Julius Ruessmann as Analyst and
  • Melanie Nawrocki as Assistant.

Further to the new full-time core team, we are very happy to also have the following Venture Advisors on board who helped to build Heilemann Ventures over the past years.

  • Manuel Hinz (Co-Founder & Managing Director CrossEngage)
  • Lydia Benkö (Co-Founder & Managing Director DCA Europe)
  • Patrice Deckert (Co-Founder & Managing Director DCA Europe)
  • Clemens Weidenbach (Managing Director DailyDeal)

Please find out more about our new Digital Tech Team operating in Western Europe and its future plans in our official press release.

(For the German press release, please click here.)